Fiber Optic Power Meter

  • Wholsale Optical Light Source Optical Fiber Power Meter with nice price
Wholsale Optical Light Source Optical Fiber Power Meter with nice price

Wholsale Optical Light Source Optical Fiber Power Meter with nice price

  • Mode: CSW
  • wavelength range (nm): 800~1700
  • automatic shutdown time (min): 10
  • type: InGaAs
  • Product description: Wholsale Optical Light Source Optical Fiber Power Meter with nice price
ST800 series hand-held optical power meter

STB800 optical power meter

First, an overview
STB800 optical power meter is a new generation of high performance optical network test instrument, with good price and unique characteristics of the rapid field test, the precision of laser detection and advanced processing technology, is based on a comprehensive type optical power optical network provisioning, maintenance and equipment development rate meter. It can be used to measure the optical power of nW, W, mW, dB and dBm in the range of 800 ~ 1700nm wavelength, which shows high resolution and high accuracy. There are six wavelength calibration points of 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm and 1625nm. Linear or nonlinear measurement and display of light power can be used not only for direct measurement of light power, but also for relative measurement of light power. The instrument of small size and light weight, easy to carry, large LCD display, can be widely used in various local and wide area network, metropolitan area network, cable TV network or long-distance optical fiber network system test applications, and with the use of laser light source, can continuous accurate measurement of fiber loss, fiber inspection, and can help to evaluate the quality of transmission fiber link.

Two. Functional characteristics:
* multi wavelength precision measurement
* absolute power measurement dBm or Mu w
* relative power measurement dB
* automatic shutdown function
* battery power indication
* adapters to a variety of interfaces (FC, ST, SC)
* hand - held, LCD backlight display, simple and easy to use

Three. Technical indicators
* wavelength range (nm): 800~1700
* photosensitive material: InGaAs
* power measurement range (dBm): -50 to +26, -70 to +3
* inherent uncertainty: + 5%
* display resolution: linear display: 0.1%; logarithmic display of 0.01 dBm
* automatic shutdown time (min): 10
* battery: 2 section 5 AA battery (optional lithium battery)
* battery duration (H): no less than 70 (visual battery capacity)
* working temperature (centigrade): -10 ~ +50
* storage temperature (centigrade): -30 ~ +60
* weight (g): 210
* shape size (long x wide x high mm): 160 x 76 x 28

Technical indicators:
Wavelength range (nm) 800~1600
Standard wavelengths (nm) 850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550
Photosensitive material InGaAs
Power measurement range (dBm) -70 to +3dBm (ST800B) -45 to +25dBm (ST800C)
Uncertainty is + 5%
Display resolution linear display: 0.1%; logarithmic display 0.01dBm
Working temperature (centigrade) 0 ~ +40
Storage temperature (centigrade) -10 ~ +60
Automatic shutdown time (min) 6
Battery duration (H) 28
Battery 2 AA battery (3.7V rechargeable lithium battery is selected)
Undervoltage indicator battery below 3.4V indicator under voltage
Weight (g) 210
The shape size (long * width * high mm) 160 x 76 x 28

Application scope:
Optical fiber cable TV Project
Optical fiber communication engineering
Experimental teaching and scientific research