Visual fault locator

  • Fiber red light test pen 10km
Fiber red light test pen 10km

Fiber red light test pen 10km

  • type: 10km
  • power: 10mw
  • light: red light
  • battery: AA
  • Product description: fiber optic visual fault locator 10mw


1.Fiber fracture and bending fault location;
2.OTDR shadow of the failed inspection;
3.End to end fiber identification;

4.Maintenance in telecom, CATV;
5.Test Lab of optical fibers;
6.Fiber routing and continuity checking in optical networks.


Pen-based red light source, which use 650nm semiconductor laser as a light emitting device, through the constant current drive, transmit the red light which power is stable. After connecting with optical interface, the red light can enter into the multimode and single mode fiber, achieve detecting function of optical fiber fault. It is an indispensable tool for fiber-optic construction, fiber-optic network maintenance, optical device production and research.