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How to splice optical cable with fusion splicer

The ends of the fibers are aligned with a fusion splicer and then fused together with a current. Before, you should immediately prepare the cable ends to fuse together to prevent exposure to fiber contamination. Clean with a lint-free fiber wipe, soak in alcohol before blending. You should test the cables immediately after melting the fiber using an optical time-domain reflectometer before using the cable.
1.To determine the length of the fiber jacket according to the instructions provided to remove the fusion tool manufacturer.
2.Adjust the rotating cable knife cutting depth is 90% of the thickness of the fiber jacket.
3.Find the following two open cable jacket cable jacket. These are different colors of yarn than the yarn used to package the cable, usually blue, red or orange.
4.To seize a pair of open pliers cable nose pliers. Put the forceps around the nose to open the pliers. Pull the cable out of the parachute cable and decrease the cable until you reach the loop cut step 2.
5.Around the yarn cutting buffer using aramid scissors. Remove the gel buffer tube, using a cable gel cleaner.
6.The buffer tube using the same method Rotary cable knife used to remove the jacket. The Flex tube puts it free and then slides the fiber. Clean the cable with a gel from each fiber-filled gel cleaner. End the loose tube connector tray and clean the surface of the fiber.
7.Take and clean the second length of fiber just as you first use step 2 – 6. Place it in the splice tray.

8.Remove the 2-inch 250-fiber coating from the first cable length with a fiber-coated stripper tool to expose the bare fiber cladding. Place a fusion splice splice protection sleeve on the fiber. Clean bare fiber lint-free wipe. Do not let the washed fibers touch anything.

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