Splice Protection Sleeves

  • 30mm splice protection sleeves
30mm splice protection sleeves

30mm splice protection sleeves

  • Length:30mm
  • Shrinking Temperature: 110 ~ 130
  • Shrinking Temperature Range: 110 to 130°C
  • Standard Packing: 100pcs/bag
  • 产品描述:30mm splice protection sleeves
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Packaging & Delivery
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1.100% professional factory
2.Used for protecting and supporting the cable splicing

Product Description

Fiber Optic Fusion Splice Protective Sleeves

Fiber Optic Cable Protection Sleeve,Fiber Heat Shrink Tube,Optic Fiber Heat Shrink Tube,Heat Fiber Splice Protection Sleeves


1. Consist of cross-linked polyolefin, hot fusion tubing and stainless reinforved steel rod (quartz or ceramic).
2. Keep optical transmission performance of optical fiber.
3. Provide safe protection to optical fiber splicing.
4. Easily use and avoid any damage to the optical fiber during installation.
5. Sealing structure provides good performance to the splicing in the environment with temperature and humidity.

Properties Test Method Typical Data
Ulitimate Elongation ASTMD2671


Tensile Strength ASTMD2671 18MPa
Density ISOR1183D 0.94g/cm3
Longitudinal Change ASTMD2671 +5%
Dielectric Constant IEC243 2.5max
Dielectric Strength IEC243 20KV/mm