Fiber Optic Fast Connector

  • fast connector sc upc apc
fast connector sc upc apc

fast connector sc upc apc

  • Type: SC UPC APC
  • Insertion Loss: IL<0.3db
  • Return Loss: ﹥55db
  • Ferrule: Three-Circle Ceramics
  • 产品描述:fast connector optical SC APC UPC
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SC UPC APC Optical Fiber fast Connector

Optical Characteristics

Nominal Wavelength(nm): SM 1310,1550,MM 850
Fiber Core Capacity: 1
Fiber Cladding: 125
Fiber Cord Type (mm): ø0.25, ø0.9
Insertion Loss (dB): SM 0.9Max GI 0.6Max
Return Loss (dB): SM 40Min
Ferrule End Face Criterion: SM SPC finish GI PC finish


Patch panels 
Distribution frames 
Maintenance or emergency restoration of fiber networks
FTTH Outlets

Connection at the desk for LAN environments.

Operation Tool

Covered Wire Srtipping Clamp 
Wire Stripper
Length Fixed Instrument
Optical Fiber Cutting