Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer

  • ftth fusion splicer DVP-740 Fiber optic splicing machine
ftth fusion splicer DVP-740 Fiber optic splicing machine

ftth fusion splicer DVP-740 Fiber optic splicing machine

  • Mode: zml
  • Model Numbe: DVP740
  • Applicable fibers: SM MM DS NZ-DS EDF
  • Splice loss: 0.02dB SM
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Ftth Application Chinese DVP-740 Fusion Splicer Machine  
Ftth Application Chinese DVP-740 Fusion Splicer Machine

1. It can applicable fibers such as SM/MM/DS/NZ-DS/EDF.
2. 8 Sec. splice time, 40 Sec. tube-heat time.

3. Reversible monitor with control panel on each side.
4. Compact & Light weight (3.3kg with battery).
5. SYSTEM TEST ensures the best working condition.
6. Auto check fiber end face.
7. Auto calibrate parameters.
8. Store 8000 groups of splice results, and can connect to computer
9. 8 Kind of Language options: English, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Chinese.
10. Large capacity internal battery ( Liion battery 12V 10,000mAh can guarantee the outdoor work. Normally when the user operate by the right way, the battery can really offer more than 200 times of continuous splices and heats when it is used in outside.)

Ftth Application Chinese DVP-740 Fusion Splicer Machine


Applicable fibers;


Cladding diameter:

100 to 150um

Coating diameter:

100 to 1000um

Fiber cleaved length:

8-22mm (standard)

Splicing mode:

Auto & Manual

Average splice loss:


Return loss:

≥ 60dB

Environment conditions:

-25~+50°C (operation temperature), 0~95%RH (humidity), 0~5000m (altitude)

Storage environment:

-40~ +80°C (temperature) , 0~95%RH (humidity)

Protection sleeve length:

20mm ,40mm ,60mm

Tension test:

2.0N (Standard)


English, Chinese, Korean, Russian,Spanish etc.


RS232 interface & video output

Power supply:

AC adaptor: 85~260V input voltage

Internal battery: 12V voltage, 10Ah, more than 200 times of continuous splices and heats

DC adaptor: 12V voltage,optional multipurpose external battery