Fiber optic cleaner

  • Fiber Optic Clean Stick fiber tools
Fiber Optic Clean Stick fiber tools

Fiber Optic Clean Stick fiber tools

  • type: 1.25mm
  • color: blue
  • packing: 100pcs
  • applification: conector, adapter, cleaver...
  • 产品描述:1.25mm for LC MU connector cleaning
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Product Description

1.25mm Fiber Optic Cleaning Stick Cleaning Swab

* Fiber optic connector cleanersutilize a specially formulated dry cloth for thorough and efficient cleaning offiber optic end-faces.

* They eliminate the need for hazardous cleaning fluidsthat can leave a residue. the cloth is extremely effective in removing grease,dust and other contaminants.

* These products offer substantial labor savingsover conventional, high volume applications and have been adopted bymanufacturers and carriers worldwide. Cleans per reel over 500 times

Product Feature

1.25mm Fiber Optic Cleaning Stick Cleaning Swab

* Suitable for cleaning tasks infactories and field applications environmentally friendly
* Achieve high quality cleaningwithout alcohol or other solvents.
* The cleaning tape is replaceablethus reducing the long term costs
* This is an ideal tool for use when theconnector face is available to you for ⊙ cleaning
* Specifically designed to clean LC MU connector

Connectors cleaned
130(W) × 75(H) × 40(D)
Weight (g)