Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer

  • French/Portuguese/Spanish/English Eloik ALK-88A Fusion Splicer
French/Portuguese/Spanish/English Eloik ALK-88A Fusion Splicer

French/Portuguese/Spanish/English Eloik ALK-88A Fusion Splicer

  • Applicable fiber:SM MM DS NZDS
  • Fiber Core Number: Single
  • Splicing Time: 7s
  • Power: 6800mAh Lithium battery
  • 产品描述:French/Portuguese/Spanish/English Eloik ALK-88A Fusion Splicer
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(1) Based on the principle of PAS(Lateral Projection System), adopt advanced image detection algorithm;

(2) Double core align structure, higher success rate of fusion and lower loss;

(3) Adopt 4.3 inches 16:9 TFT colorized LCD screen;

(4) Typical fusion time: 9sec; fast time: 7sec

(5) Typical heating time: Automatic v-shaped heat shrinkable 19 seconds, cover and automatic heating ;

(6) Reliability design, strengthen shockproof, dustproof and other functions;

(7) Low power consumption design makes it possible to work long time with many functions operate at the same time;

(8) Multi-functional, small-sized, portable, can greatly improve working efficiency;

(9) Can detect the air pressure, temperature and humidity and other environmental factors and automatically calibrate arc.

(10)Removable plug the battery, convenient and quick charge;

(11)Cornering, the straps can be used for aerial work.



Applicable fiber Type SM(Single mode), MM(Multi-mode), DS(Dispersion shift), NZDS(Non zero dispersion shift)
Applicable fiber Count Single
Applicable fiber diameter Cladding diameter of 80~150um, coating diameter 100~1000um
Splice Mode Stored 40 groups, 80 groups of user-defined
Average splice loss 0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(DS), 0.04dB(NZDS),0.04db(BIF/UBIF)
Return Loss More than 60dB
Connecting time 9sec (typical time)/7S (Fast Mode)
Splice loss evaluation Have
Tensile test 2N
Screen 4.3inch color LCD ,Support Chinese, English, Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish
Optical magnification X/Y:180 times, X,or Y: 360 times
Power Supply 6800mAh Lithium battery, 13.5V/5A power adapter
Battery Typically work 220 times(Fusion splicing / Heating /Hot stripping), Single battery charge 3Hour,can be recycled 500 times
Splice Results Storage 10000 groups of the latest records
Data interface USB2.0
Operating environment Altitude 0~5000m, 0~95% relative humidity. Temperature -10°C ~55°C, the maximum wind speed 15 m/s
Storage Conditions 0~95% relative humidity, temperature-40°C~80°C(except battery,) temperature -10°C~40°C(battery)

2kg(including battery)

High altitude operation

Cornering, machines can be directly hung on the operators neck normal operation

Size 166D * 142W * 139H (mm)
Applicable fiber diameter 250um, 900um, 2~3mm
Applicable Sleeve Length 60mm,45mm,40mm(FP-03)
Heating Time Cover and automatic heating, v-shaped 19S rapid thermal shrinkage (user-defined)
Heating Temperature 180~250°C(user-defined)
The heating process 60 group


Standard Package
No. Description Diagrammatic Sketch Quantity Remark
1 ALK-88A Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer 1
2 Fiber Cleaver 1
3 Carrying Bag 1
4 Fiber Optic Miller Stripper 1
5 Power Adapter 1
6 AC Power Line 1
7 Drop Cable Stripper 1
8 Plastic tweezers 1
9 Alcohol Bottle 1
10 Dust Blowing Ball with Brush 1
11 Instruction Manual 1
12 Multi-function Fiber Holder 1
13 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer Fiber Holder 1
14 Backup Electrodes 1
15 Cooling Tray 1
16 Plug the battery 1