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  • Fiber Optic Loss Test Kit With Optical Power Meter VFL
Fiber Optic Loss Test Kit With Optical Power Meter VFL

Fiber Optic Loss Test Kit With Optical Power Meter VFL

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  • 产品描述:Fiber Optic Loss Test Kit With Optical Power Meter VFL
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Product overview:
OPM607P PON optical power testing instrument is a new test instrument specific to my company FTTx/PON passive optical network test launch, using TFT color LCD HD, synchronous measurement experiment of voice, data and video signalsand display on the BPON/EPON/GPON architecture. Can also set the power threshold, for each wavelength provided by, warning or fails to pass the state indicator. PON network engineering, construction and maintenance of the ideal.
The characteristics of the product:
Filter measurement function, at the same time test in PON system of 1490nm,1550nm, power 1310nm three wavelength value corresponding to the.
Used for testing the burst mode 1310nm uplink wavelength.
Dual port through design, during the test can guarantee the full communication of OLT to ONT.
The warning, or fails to pass the indication, visual display is optical state 3 indicating lamps.
Easy to use, simply connect the optical fiber can be read results.
TFT color LCD HD
Data transfer via USB, convenient and quick.
200 records can be stored in the device or computer software, view, delete.
Through the background software set threshold, data upload, wavelength calibration.
Automatic shutdown function, and can make the time settings, threshold settings on the device.
[application] products
FTTx/PON opened: in the opening stage, the measurement of all PON signal,verify and ensure to meet network standards
FTTx/PON maintenance: various transmission problems in daily maintenance,such as: connector endface fiber contaminated, macro bending, fracture, the optical terminal machine fault; will have a loss of signal or the transmissionperformance degradation.
Can simultaneously measure and display the power of uplink downlinkwavelength, 1310 1490 and 1550 three wavelength values