Fiber Optic Curing Oven

  • Fiber Optic Curing Oven
Fiber Optic Curing Oven

Fiber Optic Curing Oven

  • Jig Type: LC SC FC ST MU mtrj
  • Power: AC220V ,200W
  • Max Heating temperature: 200℃
  • Normal curing period: 30~45min
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Product Introduction

Optical fiber curing oven is a professional adhesive curing a fiber heating equipment, is the production of optical fiber jumper, optical fiber connector, pigtail, one of the necessary equipment such as fiber optical communication device.

Technical Index

The fiber curing oven is used for heating and curing all kinds of optical fiber connectors, including FC, SC, ST, LC and so on, especially suitable for processing MT, MPO type optical fiber connectors.

1. 100 optical fiber connectors can be heated and cured at most

2. uniform heating, connector loss is small

3. precision temperature control system, adjustable temperature of 60-150 degrees, temperature control accuracy of 1 degrees

4. with time control and heating instructions, the heating time can be controlled

5. curing tooling can be replaced, reduce auxiliary time, simple operation, reliable

6. according to customer needs, customize different core number and specifications of curing tools and heating baking plate

Range of application and parameters

The high quality special metal material and high precision machining equipment are used, and the key parts are treated by special heat treatment process,choose imported components, keys / motor aging screening.

The core parts of precision adjustment after fixed, long-term stability

The whole machine passed the reliability test

Technical parameter:

Polishing capacity

1-100 connectors





Grinding time setting

OMRON button / button digital timer, arbitrary timing





Temperature accuracy


Temperature setting


Connector type


Preheating time

10 minutes

Material quality

Aluminium alloy