• (Softel)1310/1550/1625nm Fiber Cable Mni Palm OTDR AE2300
(Softel)1310/1550/1625nm Fiber Cable Mni Palm OTDR AE2300

(Softel)1310/1550/1625nm Fiber Cable Mni Palm OTDR AE2300

  • Model Number: AE2300
  • Distance: 3m~160km
  • Pulse Width: 3ns~20μs
  • Distance Uncertainty: ±(1m +0.0005%xDistance + Sampling Resolution)
  • 产品描述:(Softel)1310/1550/1625nm Fiber Cable Mni Palm OTDR AE2300
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(Softel)Fiber Cable Mni Palm OTDR
1)Mini OTDR
2)Minimum Dead Zone < 0.8m
3)Long Operating Hour

4)Cost Effective

OTDR Overview

AE2300 Series Handheld OTDR is a high performance, multi-purposes handheld OTDR. The visual fault location (VFL) could assist OTDR locate the fault much quicker. AE2300 is the ideal OTDR solution for both installation and maintenance services

OTDR Features

High Accuracy     Minimum Dead Zone < 0.8m −−Fast Measurement Minimum measurement time could be set to 5 seconds, and within 30 seconds a 100km fiber can be measured. −−Handy Operation One-Button operation allows test result analysis completion in one step which detect and display the fault location with corresponding marker. Traditional double markers could indicate the attenuation characteristics. −−Exquisite Design, Ideal for Fieldwork Vibration proof, dust proof, humidity proof, 4.3’’ TFT Touch Screen, long operating hours and high capacity lithium battery make AE2300 ideal for fieldwork. −−Cost Effective At same dynamic range, AE2300 has the most cost-effective price among all instrument. −−Long Operating Hour Operating Hour > 8 hours Interface (RJ45, USB) −−RJ45     Remote control and data sharing −−USB     Data transferring −−Optical Adapter     Easy to replace and clean with lower cost −−Optical adapter detection and protection     AE2300 triggers the alarm when light injection has been found at the optical adapter. −−Optical adapter connection detection     Warning is provided if optical adapter is stained in order to avoid influencing the test result. −−Self calibration and correction     Auto calibration function could self-calibrate the instrument after using a certain period of time. Visual Fault Locator(VFL)
High power visual fault locator could be used to locate fiber and find out the break out point within fiber.

OTDR Parameters

Distance 3m~160km
Pulse Width AE2300L/AE2300: 5ns~20μs AE2300H/AE2300P-1/AE2300P-2/AE2300P-3: 3ns~20μs
Measurement Time User-defined
Distance Uncertainty ±(1m +0.0005%×Distance + Sampling Resolution)
Loss Threshold AE2300L/AE2300: 0.05dB AE2300H/AE2300P-1/AE2300P-2/AE2300P-3: 0.03dB
Loss Resolution 0.001dB
Distance Resolution 0.05m
Linearity 0.04dB/dB
Sampling Points 128000
Display 4.3’’ 16:9 TFT Touch Screen
Data Storage >4000
Optical Adapter FC/PC, SC/PC
Interface USB, RJ45
Power Supply AC/DC Adapter, Input AC90-240V ±10%, Output 12V
Operating Temperature -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Storage Temperature -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
Relative Humidity <80%
Weight <1kg
Battery Lithium Battery; Charging <4 hours, Operating time >8 hours
SC/PC Adapter 1
AC Adapter 1
Quick Operating Guide 1
Package Bag 1
Disc Toolbox Software and User Manual