Fiber Optic Power Meter

  • FHS2T Series Optical Laser Source
FHS2T Series Optical Laser Source

FHS2T Series Optical Laser Source

  • Product name:Visual Fault Locator
  • Wavelength(nm): 800~1700nm
  • L-±2%inea
  • Model Number: FHS2T
  • 产品描述:FHS2T Series Optical Laser Source
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FHS2T Series Optical Laser Source

General Description

FHS2T series Laser source are advanced version of FHS2D series Laser Source, with one more wavelength for FTTX PON testing.

Auto-Wavelength Recognition
FHS2T series can transmit with a wavelength-identification digital encrypted protocol, enableing the FHP2 power meter to automatically switch to the proper calibration wavelength. This feature reduces the need of communication between the two users and decreases the possibility of making mistakes.
The FHS2T series  offers 1310nm,1490nm,1550nm with excellent stability for accurate fiber testing,especially in FTTx. The compact instrument operates in either continuous wave(CW) mode or modulated mode. The output power is adjustable with 0.1 dB/step.
Testing Range
Maximum testing range up to 150km(when using Grandway FHS2T laser source with Grandway FHP2A02/FHP2A04 power meter).
-Easy-to-use, straight forward operation
-Eye-catching handheld package
-LCD backlight for easy operation in dark environments 3dB Adjustable by the user.
-Rechargeable battery inside 1310&1490&1500available for PON testing.
-Three-year warranty and recommended calibration interval.
-FC/PC, ST/PC, SC/PC inerchangeable connedtors

Output wavelength (nm) 1310/ 1490/1550 1310/1550/1625
Emitter Type LD
Output Stability 1310nm&1550nm Short Term(15minutes):<0.05dB
Long Term(5Hours or above):<0.1dB
1490nm & 1625nm Short Term(15minutes):<0.1dB
Long Term(5Hours or above):<0.2dB
Central Wavelength 1310+/-20nm & 1490+/-20nm & 1550+/-20nm 1310+/-20nm & 1550+/-20nm & 1625 +/-20nm
Spectral Width 5nm
Output Frequency (Hz) 270,1K,2K
Output Power -5dBm
Adjustable Range 3dB, 0.1dB/step No 3dB, 0.1dB/step No
Auto Power-off Yes
Back-light Yes
Operating Temperature -10 to +50oC
Storage Temperature -20 to +70oC
Power supply 2pcs*Ni-MH AA;6V AC/DC Adaptor
Dimension (mm) 160L*76W*45H
Net Weight 270g
Ordering Information
Standard Accessories
FC/PC, ST/PC,SC/PC interchangeable connectors , Manual, Carrying Bag, and Battery,   AC/DC charger, Test report.
Optional Accessories
Ordering Number
Ordering Number
APC for FC/ST/SC Connectors
Aluminium Carrying Box

Optional adapters
FC/PC male -ST/APC female Adapter
FC/PC male -SC/APC femaleAdapter
FC/PC male -FC/APC female Adapter
FC/PC male -LC/PC female Adapter