• FHO5000 OTDR optical fiber FHO5000-D26 OTDR
FHO5000 OTDR optical fiber FHO5000-D26 OTDR

FHO5000 OTDR optical fiber FHO5000-D26 OTDR

  • Model: FHO5000-D26 OTDR
  • Wavelength: 1310/1550nm
  • Analyzer: SONET/SDH
  • Power range (dBm): 10 to -86 (InGaAs);26 to -64 (GeX)
  • 产品描述:FHO5000 OTDR optical fiber FHO5000-D26 OTDR
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FHO5000 OTDR optical fiber FHO5000-D26 OTDR


FHO5000 is a portable OTDR with stable and durable, which aims at broadcast and telecommunication network measurement. Intergrated with visible fault locate system, for the convienience of the detection point in the optical network. Users can remotely access this instrument by network cable or USB wire.

FHO5000-D26 OTDR

Dynamic Range: 26/24dB

Wavelengths: 1310nm/1550nm±20nm

Dimension: 253×168×73.5mm

Interface: Internet port, 3 USB ports

Display: 7 inch TFT - LCD

Internal VFL Parameter

Laser Launcher Type


Output Power


Distance Range

About 12km

Optical Connector


Output Wavelength

650nm ± 10nm

Modulation Frequency

CW / 2Hz

main features

A variety of dynamic range and wavelength combination can be selected

The optional 1625nm test wavelength and band filter can be used for the online test of FTTH/PON optical network

A variety of measurement mode, the operation is very simple, one button can complete the measurement

With line light alarm function, to protect the instrument optical module to the maximum extent

Real time testing function, convenient to observe the effect of real-time fiber docking

Built in high power red light source can be used to detect the fault point in the near end optical fiber line by naked eye

Optional light power meter function

Optional -8dBm stabilized light source

Support Chinese and English input, have friendly input interface, fully simulate computer keyboard input

With 4GB memory, more than 40000 curves can be stored

With screenshot function, you can capture the instrument screen display of the current interface, and automatically save the picture format file

Configure PC data analysis and simulation software, batch processing, generating, printing test reports

Equipped with 2 main USB interfaces and one interface from USB, it can be used for computer simulation control and external storage device

PC remote access control operation can be realized by RJ-45 or WiFi module