Fiber Optic Power Meter

  • DLS-6 series hand-held stable light source
DLS-6 series hand-held stable light source

DLS-6 series hand-held stable light source

  • Product name: fiber optic power meter
  • Wavelength(nm): 800~1700nm
  • Linearity: ±2%
  • Model Number:DLS-6
  • 产品描述:DLS-6 series hand-held stable light source
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Product description:

The DLS - 6 series of hand-held stable light sources provide accurate and stable power output for optical fiber testing, in which the type a machine is dual wavelength output and the type b machine is three wavelength output. The optical fiber loss can be measured when used in conjunction with an optical power meter.
Dls - 6 series is compact, easy to use, high cost performance, battery can work more than 30 hours in a row, is the best choice for fiber construction and maintenance personnel.

Product features:
1.Durable and easy to carry in pocket
2.Dual wavelength 1310 nm, 1550 nm, single output ( DLS - 6a )
3.Three wavelengths 1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm, single output port ( DLS - 6b )
4.Low voltage automatic shutdown and low voltage prompt
5.Cw continuous wave, 270 Hz, 1 khz, 2 khz modulated wave output
6.If used with LPM - 6 series optical power meter with automatic wave long identification function
7.With large screen display, good man-machine interface


Type DLS-6A DLS-6B
Display Range 0.05 db / 15 min, 0.1 db / 8 HR; ( 23 3 c, 15 min preheating
Resolution 0.01dB
Calibrated Wavelength 1310/1550 1310/1490/1550
Sensor Type InGaAs
Accuracy 0.35dB±1nW 0.35dB±10nW
Working Wavelength 800~1700nm
Continuous Working Hours about 230 hours (standby time: about 3,500 hours)
Input AC 100~240V & 50/60Hz ; Output:DC 6V/1A
Working Temp. -≤90% RH
Storage Temp. -20 to +70℃; <90%RH
Dimension L120nmxW33nmxH30mm / about 70g
Standard Accessories:
Male FC to female LC adapter for LC connector (model: HD078)

Optional Accessories: