Fiber Optic Polishing Machine

  • Central Pressure and polishing FC/SC pigtail machine
Central Pressure and polishing FC/SC pigtail machine

Central Pressure and polishing FC/SC pigtail machine

  • Polishing material: optical fiber
  • Application: SC FC ST LC ...
  • Performance: Polishing passing rate>98%
  • Voltage: 120/220V 50Hz
  • 产品描述:Central Pressure and polishing FC/SC pigtail machine
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Key Features:

• Optical Fiber Polisher, center pressure polishing machine for fiber connectors

• Fixed torque of adjustable motor doesn’t change with varied speed, it also reduces the polish variance
• Unique design: Electrical, air and water are kept separated inside of cabinet, ensuring safe operation
• Movable arm weight assures correct polishing force for various polishing steps and configurations
• Memory Function: Speed Setting, Time Setting, Counts all use EEPROM memory, all settings data will not get lost after power failure.
• Adjusting speed with touch button, Speed range: 35 rpm ~ 190 rpm.
• The polisher was made by high quality stainless steel with heat treatment and it is high accuracy and durability
• Quick to change jigs, Easy and flexible to operate
• Used for all types of optical fiber connectors :fc / upc, sc / upc, st / upc, lc / upc,mu / upc, fc / apc, sc / apc etc.
• Purified water and polish fluid can be used to save on consumable costs


opration process

1.Had better hand when stripping exerts a small force, water sand paper to use for too long, sometimes in the recommended time (30 seconds) is difficult to remove the top of the epoxy adhesive. Sand paper, should be changed to glue again.
2.When grinding the grinding paper, grinding fluid and grinding parameters as the case may be. Optical fiber grinding machine is mainly used for optical fiber end face of fiber products, such as fiber optic jumper, tail fiber, energy fiber, plastic   optical fiber, device embedded short plug core and so on. Its applications in optical communication industry is very broad, commonly used way is a few fiber grinding machine and curing oven end detector test instrument equipment such as       pressure welding machine tools to form one or more production lines, with mill to produce fiber optic jumper, tail fiber, embedded short core and other passive components.