Fiber Optic Fast Connector

The best sale top quality 3m plastic fast connector

  • Type: PC
  • Insertion Loss: IL<0.3db
  • Return Loss: ﹥65db
  • brand: 3M
  • 产品描述:Factory Selling sc upc 3M type fiber optic fast connector Fiber optic quick connector optical
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3M SC/APC fiber optic fast connector designed for FTTH. It is a new generation of fiber connector used in assembly. It can provide open flow and precast type, which optical and mechanical specification meets the standard optical fiber connector. It is designed for high quality and high eddiciency for installation, the structure of crimping position is a unique design.


1. Quick and easy to install without special tools

2. Power-save, as it does not need hot melting

3. Without any gluing and polishing process

4. Reusable and repeat operation times are up to 500

5. Integrated protection of the casing to prevent the connector form impact

6. Can be installed in two minutes

7. The total length of plug ≤45mm



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