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The problem when operate fiber fusion splicer?

Fiber fusion splicer is common in our lives, but in the use of the process, we will encounter a variety of problems, now let’s share some problems when operate fiber fusion splicer.

First:The upper half of the screen without fiber image and very dark when placed fiber in fiber fusion splicer.

cause of issue:

1. Windshield of fusion splicer is not pressed in place or the spring is not in good contact.

2. The light of fusion splicer does not shine or the bottom of the conductive column wiring off.

3. The CCD corresponding to fusion splicer is broken or fall off (the camera itself has a problem with the shutter).

Solution: Use tweezers to clamp the two tabs on the rear end of the splicer’s windshield, and lift it slightly. The newer fusion splicer uses the two contact studs at the top of the pressed electrode holder to allow it to spring up. Still can not solve the problem of return to the maintenance of fusion splicer repair.

Second: Fiber fusion splicer often missing on the weld, after the end of the estimated loss is too large or failed to weld.

cause of issue:

1. Fiber dirty, end surface failure, fiber cutting knife in question.

2. Fiber fusion splicer microscope lens and the two lights or prisms with gray and dark spots.

Solution: adjust the cutting knife, re-production of fiber end, requiring end-qualified. Wipe two microscope lenses, two lights. (Note: use clean cotton, it is best to wipe a few times).






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